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How to show your love for Japan

March 22, 2011

Are you sitting down? Seriously, I don’t want you to die of shock when I tell you…


Yes folks, you heard it here, breaking news, a little unlikely I know, but there you have it. For a few short hours this Friday, Geneva will join the ranks of New York, London and Berlin and become A City Where There Is Something To Do On Friday Night.

Geneva is really pulling out all the stops on this one – not only will there be bands, an auction, and general frivolity, but it’s all for a great cause – sending some love Japan’s way. Jam For Japan is not a confiture cook-a-thon but a series of live bands playing accross five different venues from 6pm this Friday, from which 10% of all profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. In addition to proper bands they’ll also be hosting jam sessions open to all musicians, which is an awesome excuse to get your Eddie Vedder on and take to the Pickwicks stage.

So pop on a kimonos and get down to Pickwicks, The Clubhouse, 7Arts Bar, Mulligans and Shakers (yep, all the most reputable venues in town) to partake in some exhilaratingly un-Geneva-like fun!

Meanwhile, I’m really hoping that this one gets a spin.


By the way, the hot tip is that the Japanese Ambassador is going to make a cameo at The Clubhouse! Time for a round of sake shots!

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  1. Kate permalink
    March 22, 2011 2:48 pm

    I’m holding out for ‘Big in Japan’ by Tom Waits. Hearing that resound around the dim interiors of Pickwicks, half-drowned-out by rugby/football/tennis/NFL commentary, would be quite something…

  2. Sofie permalink
    March 22, 2011 3:47 pm

    Oh, now that there is finally something to do on Friday, I just had other plans 😦
    Thanks for this nice blog anyways, it gives some support 🙂

  3. paul vega permalink
    March 23, 2011 7:56 am

    are you kidding? İ lived in Geneva for 2 years and İ always had great fun filled music weekends with some great VJS and Djs…the electronic and dubstep and DNB and Hardtek scene is quite hot. if you know where to go, very cool underground scene. if ya dont know, ya dont know. but I can say its not happening at any of the above mentioned bars, although İ like them and often started my night off at one or a few of them. cheers from İstanbul.

  4. frankAb permalink
    March 28, 2011 12:40 pm

    “Meanwhile, I’m really hoping that this one gets a spin.” the Video is not available in Germany 😦

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