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How to spend your weekend

April 1, 2011

Just some of the chocolatey fun that awaits you at the Festival du Chocolat

Last night I experienced one of those golden nuggets of positivity when, for a brief period of time, I kind of forgot I was living in Geneva. As I rode my bike home from work the sun was still up and spring was in the air. I got home before the shops closed and so was actually able to plan a dinner that, for once, wasn’t based around rice crackers and mozzarella cheese. I went to yoga in a lovely studio around the corner from me and, though the class was in french so I had to keep looking up from my downward dog to see what was going on, the cute yoga instructor took his time to give me instructions in English on how to stand on my head (didn’t happen, but it wasn’t his fault). I walked home in flip flops and didn’t get frostbite and I swear I could have been in Australia in July.

And then, this morning, while I was gazing out my window drinking a coffee, I saw a guy out for a jog on the street, fully kitted out in running shoes paired with a blue and white stripey boatneck t-shirt and a scarf wrapped around his neck. It could only have been more perfect if he was wearing a beret and smoking a cigarette at the same time. And Geneva came flooding back to me…

On that note, it’s the weekend!

For those of you in Geneva

Geneva is a veritable HOTBED of activity this weekend folks, I kid you not. This is a very good thing seeing as I’ve been cooped up in this city for 2 weekends straight and I’m starting to go a little nutters (hence my halucination above that I was no longer living in Geneva). I’m pretty sure that when you land in Geneva there should be some sort of giant tabacco-product-like warning  next to the Welcome to Geneva sign which stipulates that excessive time spent in Geneva could result in the following symptoms: fatigue, nausea, cramps, inability to distinguish between Geneva and the rest of the world…

Thankfully, this city is being kind to me for once and is promising sunshine and funness all weekend:

La Terrace opens its doors (figuratively of course, seeing as it doesn’t have any) for the first time all year today! With temps predicted to reach a whopping 24 degrees on Saturday, what better way to while away the hours than by wearing obnoxious reflective Euro sunglasses and drinking mojitos with Geneva’s young and restless. And for the agoraphobic amongst you, fear not, you can join in the fun by remote live video feed!

Stuff your face with chocolate at the Festival du Chocolat in Versoix. There will be fountains flowing with chocolate. Need I say more?

For the more intellectually inclined, Geneva is servicing not only the tastebuds this weekend but the brain as well with the Geneva Forum on Social Change, which is taking place at UniMail on Friday night and all day Saturday. With a series of lectures and documentary films focussed on the role of social media in stimulating social change, this conference is extremely relevant, although not as tasty as the chocolate festival.

The Cully Jazz Festival is in its dying days so go and check it out before the fun is all over.

How much fun can you have in a tap factory? Well normally I would have said not that much fun but Geneva is determined to prove me wrong. An old tap factor turned into artists’ cooperative, the Fonderie Kugler opens to the public tonight, with a huge opening party where you can get drinks, food and general cultural stimulation. Fonderie Kugler will house exhibition venues, workshops, discussion forums, conferences and other types of artistic spaces. Get along and check out what promoters are calling a ‘factory of ideas’ (probably not a factory of evil ideas though, so all you CERN scientists trying to figure out how to get Geneva swallowed up by a black hole, stay away).


For those of you not in Geneva

Go shopping on Sunday!

Eat at a nice restaurant that doesn’t cost your week’s paycheck!

Buy groceries at 2am!

Because you can!


Bon weekend, see you Monday!

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