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How to deal with a rainy Monday morning

April 4, 2011

The weekend: a distant memory

We had a glorious weekend here in Geneva – the sun was shining and all those cool, glamouros people who hibernate during the winter months were out walking their designer dogs and pushing their designer children in designer buggies. There was a feeling of festivity in the air, a kind of electricity that pushed everyone out from their musty apartments onto the streets and into the bars and onto the dancefloor. I couldn’t help feeling positive and even compassionate towards Geneva, even when I spent half an hour being jostled in a throng of people trying to get into a new club which, it was later revealed, was barely half-full anyway. I think I may have even remarked how cheap! the 10 CHF drinks were! Spring obviously does funny things to your head… Or perhaps it was the Jaegermeiser…

Needless to say Geneva seriously dampened my weekend-high when this morning I was greeted with heavy gray clouds that pissed down all over me on my way to work. Now I have a serious case of Mondayitis.

My solution: croissant and coffee for breakfast and excessive amounts of procrastination to get me through until lunchtime. If you’re also feeling a little damp and gloomy, here’s some leads for your own procrastinatory activities…

Watch Jon Stewart online (at low volume so your colleagues actually think you’re doing work). The man is brilliant and funny and not a little bit good looking, and time with him is sure to lift your spirits on this gloomy morning. This week he declared that America handing over responsibility for the Libya conflict to NATO was like Beyonce ceding control to Sasha Fierce. Gold.

If you’re anything like me, you still have no idea whether Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is a joke or just another indication that all respect for imagination and creation in our society is rapidly being demolished by the mediocrity and hype of celebrity culture sustained through social networking sites. Watching that video is making me feel OLD. But watching Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert and The Roots cover it in hilarious fashion restored some of my faith in the world.

In a sign that this cycle of mediocrity and hype and fame is at an all time high, Rebecca Black is already on her way out and this kid and his equally horrendously crappy song is on his way in.

Whoever is writing the new edition of the Bible (King James?) has made an executive decision to ‘update’ some of the words therein. The standout – they’re replacing the word “booty” with “spoils of war”. Because we might actually have thought that going to war in the Middle East would lead to everyone getting a little more action.

Also, they’re replacing ‘virgin’ with ‘young woman’, which I’m not even going to comment on. On a positive note, “The Ideal Wife” becomes “A Woman of Worth”, which is way overdue.

Two blogs taking the piss out of two things that don’t seem funny at first but are actually pretty funny: aid workers and menswear ad campagins. Seriously, whoever writes this stuff is both hilariously intelligent has has waaaay to much time on their hands.

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  1. amy murray permalink
    April 4, 2011 1:48 pm

    jon stewart and colbert. you are a woman after my own heart Nyst x

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