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How to broaden your mind

April 8, 2011

Step 1: Go to Migros and buy horse meat (with garlic butter included!)

For all you freaks and geeks out there, Geneva and the surrounds are a hotbed of activity this weekend. So if you feel like doing more than kicking back with a mojito and sunning yourself, not only do I take my hat off to you but I implore you to busy yourself at one of the following:

The University of Zurich Zoologisches Museum presents: “Beyond Bug-Eyed monsters: Astrophysics, Biology and the Search For Life In the Universe.” Which is basically about aliens. So you can imagined there are going to be some iiinnnteresting people there.

The International Exhibition of Inventions is on at Palexpo this weekend! There is a guy there trying to spruik a kangaroo tail-like device so that lazy people can lean on something when they’re standing up! Cramazing!

Visions du Reel film festival is happening in Nyon, with a bunch of different short and feature films all competing for a number of illustrious prizes. I’m barracking for this one:

A Pregnant Moment: Jay and Jennifer’s dog Lola is about to give birth. The two of them embrace lovingly near the animal while making sure she lacks for nothing. A veterinary arrives on time to assist as the animal passes through the phases of birth. This leads Jennifer and Jay to enter into a new relationship with their dog that profoundly changes their perception of their own relationship and home lives.

Morgins is going off with the Wild Outdoor Festival running until Sunday. The festival features free concerts scattered throughout the slopes at hidden locations. You have to get yourself a lift pass and sign up to receive text messages with the location of the next venue. Sounds very cool in theory. I fear, however, a serious lack of snow may impede the fluidity of movement between venues.


I, sadly, am unable to partake in any of these activities as I’m off to Berlin for the weekend! But, as they say in the land of beer and bratwurst, viel spass, and see you Monday!

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