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How to know when you’ve been in Geneva too long – Part 2

April 15, 2011

You start thinking of cheese as its own food group

You start thinking of chocolate as its own food group

You believe  push scooters are a dignified way for an adult to get around

You are adamant that calling the police is an acceptable response to your neighbour having his TV volume just slightly too loud at 1030pm

You demand that a friend lays on a shuttle bus from Eaux Vives to his birthday party in Plainpalais

You don’t panic and feel desperately unpopular when on a Friday you realise you have no plans for the weekend

You are surprised when back in London your friends aren’t all spontaneously free for a drink with you in half an hour (you have to book them at least 3 weeks in advance)

You consider gender mainstreaming a normal dinner party topic

You are nonplussed when a 21 year old intern foists a business card upon you

You reflexively add the proviso “if it’s open” when discussing a potential bar/restaurant for Saturday night

You’ve been to more conferences in the last 6 months than you have gigs/sports matches (ice hockey doesn’t count)/wild house parties/plays/art exhibitions put together

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